Creative Consultant in a traditional industry

Corporate brand experience - start up and new product experience below

Corporate brand experience - start up and new product experience below

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I have over 7 years experience structuring, designing and marketing technology content including branding, app prototypes, websites, infographics and more on a consultant basis. As a tech entrepreneur with a digital consulting background and a start-up mentor at London's StartupBootcamp I have designed concepts at every level and continue to do so today in project-based work as a content lead. My motto has always been to bring the professionalism from corporate environments together with the high quality design, speed, tone of voice and impact of start-up or agency content. 



Example 1 : Fintech branding and digital content

Quickly created a variety of branding to pick a direction, set up all of the digital marketing, re-usable assets and generated a series of re-usable lead generation content called 'Fintechie'. Client was able to boost lead generation by 50%, generate the first ever referrals through the website and build better customer relationships through attractive media.


example 2 : bank onboarding bot demo

In 2 days, compiled all of the copy, designed and prototyped a bot demo for the client to use in their pitch. As a result, the client was able to get funding to build the solution and roll it out to a test customer base in the UK.


Example 3 : Financial scanning app UI & Content

The client needed to produce a concept overview, content and user interface to support the development of a new application. I designed clickable demos and interfaces for the app, created the website and copy. As an outcome the client was able to sell the work to new banking customers as they had a credible white-label version available.


Example 4 : Fitness brand and e-commerce development

The client was looking to launch a new fitness product and needed a brand and digital content to match. I designed the brand guidelines, set up all of the digital marketing content (including newsletter, website and landing page), prototyped an app and built a chatbot for the service. The client was able to launch a pre-order for the product within one week with all of the content and start brand building right away.



Example 5 : brand building and presentation content

Client was looking to produce a demo video for a new social influencer product to be displayed at a conference. Created all of the branding and collateral, designed and published the demo video as well as other materials presented at the conference. In a week the concept went from being just a sketch to a fully operational website with a corresponding demo and received investment opportunities and new partnerships as a result.


Example 6 : Market insight and proposition development

Client was looking for content to present new investment opportunities to a leading London venture capital fund. Curated, designed and pitched the concept which included a website mock-up and financial data visualisation. Client was able to get approval for their project and proceed to the next phase of work.